Residential Snow Removal

Many homeowners in colder climes prefer to hire a professional service provider for residential snow removal. Some lack adequate time to perform driveway snow blowing, sidewalk snow shoveling and roof snow removal themselves. Other homeowners prefer not to take risks with their health and safety. An additional factor is the cost of buying and maintaining an appropriate snow blower, which is necessary for heavy-snow regions, long driveways and sidewalks.

A light duty electric snow blower may cost under $250 and require minimal maintenance. However, for areas that receive over 40 inches of snow, a homeowner will need more robust equipment. These include single stage and two stage gas-powered equipment, which can cost well over $500 to $1,000 and up.

Besides having neighbors, relatives or friends shovel the snow from a driveway or sidewalk, a homeowner may hire a local neighborhood kid to do the driveway snow blowing and sidewalk snow shoveling. However, professional residential snow removal services offer significant benefits over these options.

​Depending on the level of snow, a local snow blowing service may be much more cost effective than heavy duty truck-mounted salt spreaders and plows. The maintenance and wear and tear on heavy duty vehicles will eclipse those of a small business owner with a snow blower, bag of rock salt and a shovel. Homeowners typically do fine with this level of service. However, business owners may need the heavier plows and truck-mounted salt spreaders if the need is urgent or the snow is exceptionally deep.

Since a plow attachment is expensive, can be difficult to attach and detach from a truck or SUV, can accelerate the depreciation on the truck and requires expertise to utilize without damage to the street, professional plowing services are frequently an efficient choice. A business owner may opt for regular, automatic service or service only after a predetermined number of inches have fallen. A homeowner can opt for service on an as-needed basis. Consumers save by:

  • Pooling resources to purchase additional services
  • Saving money when a service provider makes one trip to an area to service many customers at one time
  • Securing volume discounts when neighbors or businesses buy services together.
​Many homeowners focus on the driveway and sidewalks. However, paying attention to the roof is just as important. Each roof will have a load-bearing capacity that should be compared against weather forecasts and the average snowfall in a particular region. Consumers will find this data on many news and weather websites. In addition, they should check for ice dams, which cause damage and leakage in a home or business. In fact, consumers should select one or two roof snow removal service providers before the season begins to have phone numbers on hand.
​Consumers who opt for professional snow removal will find a wide array of very good options. Each Consumer will need to evaluate specific needs versus the costs and benefits of those choices. Snow removal needs vary greatly. Still, a professional service will offer greater savings and more comprehensive snow removal in most instances.